Top 5 Exquisite Places To Visit in LEH

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Escape from the rush and hectic city life to something serene. Leh is the epitome of natural beauty. The moment you enter Leh you will be engulfed with the utmost beauty of snow-covered mountains. Some Places to Visit in LEH gives you mesmerizing feeling as they are beauty of nature.

Leh is not only filled with scenic beauty but also has a number of thrilling things for you in the bag. It’s impossible to find such a diversified place that is peaceful yet adventurous. It soothes your soul yet excites your anderaline levels.

Your eyes will be mesmerized by the beauty of the landscape. Though Leh is barren and yet the beauty you discover in those barren snow-covered lands is mysterious. When I first arrived at Leh I was struck how something so barren can pose as beauty in itself.

Ladhak is an enchanting place as Leh. Leh is the biggest city in the Ladhak district. Leh is situated at an altitude of 14000 ft from sea level. If you wish to have an out of the box experience then a Leh Ladhak trip is perfect for you. Exploring the unravelled places in Leh and Ladhak will be a lifetime experience for you to cherish. Here are the 5 places in Leh that will fascinate you.

Magnificent Places to Visit in LEH

Places To Visit in LEH

Though there are a number of beautiful places to visit in Leh I would recommend the best from my experience. The bucket list to Leh is a long one. But you should make sure that you don’t miss the best out there. No matter how long or short your trip is make sure you tick these places in Leh. There are some Places to Visit in LEH are given below.

1. Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill has situated approximately 30 km from the main Leh city. It’s the baffling place where the laws of Newton fails!

Experience defying gravity at Magnetic Hill in Ladhak. If you are coming from the Kargil-Drass area then Magnetic Hill would be a spot en route to Leh.

At Magnetic hill, there’s a yellow spot marked on the road. Switch off your car, do no put brakes and park it on the yellow spot. Slowly your car would start to move. Weird! Isn’t it?

You will feel as if you are going uphill on the road. The car even picks up a speed of 60km/hr at one time.

The secret to this is that your car isn’t going uphill, it’s actually a downhill road. The mysterious scenic view gives an illusion to us that we are moving uphill without any force.

2. Shanti Stupa

Shanty Stupa is situated in the centre of the Leh. It is the place where you can feel your soul calming down. enjoy the mesmerizing view of the entire Leh landscape from the top of the Shanti stupa.

The history behind the Shanti stupa is that it was built and gifted by the Japanese to Indians. Shanti Stupa has a monastery at its top with beautiful inscriptions carved all over the pillars.

It’s better to Travel Shanti Stupa in the evening to witness the beautiful sunset at Leh.

3. Pangong Tso Lake

The controversial stand-off point between India and China, the Pangong Tso lake is a beauty in itself. A major part of the lake is in China, India has control only over a small part of it.

It’s a blue water lagoon. The water at Pangong Tso lake is so pure that it shines blue in sunlight. The Pangong Tso lake remains frozen in winters. If you are visiting Leh from May to July then you can experience the view of water as blue as the sky above.

4. Zanskar Sangam

Zanskar Sangam is situated in Nimmu. If you are taking a trip through Kargil and Drass, this Sangam at Nimmu will a spot to visit on your route.

The alluring beauty of green and blue water Sangam of Indus and Zanskar river is truly exquisite. You can also try river rafting at Sangam.

5. Leh Market

Leh market cannot escape from your list. Explore the traditional craft, decorative pieces, woollen clothing at Leh market.

The local Leh market is heaven for shoppers. You can buy a collectable to keep your memory of the Leh trip alive. Yak wool and Pashmina shawls are the most sought after items.

Handcrafted women clothing and dazzling silver stones jewellery is the spotlight of the Leh market.

When visiting Leh market does try out local cuisines as well. Khameer roti, Kebab and Thupka are the popular dishes in Leh. There are also some other places to Visit in LEH market.


A trip to Leh is one of the wonderful experiences of my life. The bucket list does not end with these 5 happening places.

Leh has a bunch of beautiful spots for you. For adventurous trekking and road trip activities, you can explore the Tso Moriri, Nubra Valley, Khardungla Pass, Turtuk and Hunder.