Top 7 best Places to visit in Chandigarh Which Will Blow Your Mind

Best Places to Visit in Chandigarh

The heart of Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh is the capital city of these north Indian states. Categorized as a union territory, the city has many beautiful places which will make you admire its beauty. The 114 sq. km.There are many best Places to visit in Chandigarh where you and your friends can have a good time. In case you are wondering what are the best places to visit in Chandigarh, then this is the right page to be on.

The city is filled with life and the efforts put in keeping the city’s grandeur intact really shows in the way it is built. The one thing that separates Chandigarh from other major cities of India is the quality of air. The air is not as dense and polluted as Agra or Delhi.

Travelers find lots of fun things to do in Chandigarh which help them rejuvenate themselves and get a much deserving break from the hectic work life. The city has different kind of grand events taking place across different clubs and bars in the night time which means the night life in Chandigarh is delightful. So, if you are looking for some serious fun, you might want to keep tabs on the places to visit in Chandigarh during night time.

To make your Chandigarh visit easy, the following places should have a place on your list.

1. Rock Garden

An example of how a simple hobby can get people to achieve great things. In 1957, Nek Chand Saini built this grand structure. The Rock Garden is spread across forty acres with thousands of illustrations and statues adorning the premises. There is a park full of rides where kids of the family can have fun. There is a canteen which serves great food. To top it all, there is a small waterfall with streams of water running across the garden. Also, the garden is not all rocks and desert, it does have trees and plants to keep the environment cool. you may also find some other nearby best Places to Visit in chandigarh.

2. The Sukhna Lake

best Places to visit in Chandigarh

The Sukhna Lake is located in Sector 1. The lake has a great view and offers boat rides. You can ride the boat by yourself or have it rowed by a professional who will charge you accordingly. There is also an island in the middle of the lake which is known as the Shoe Island. As the name suggests, the island is in the shape of the shoe. The entry is free but there are services for which you will have to pay.

3. Zakir Hussain Rose Garden

Popularly known as the Rose Garden, it is named after the former Indian President Zakir Hussain. The garden covers a lot of area and hosts thousands of visitors from different corners of the country every day. This garden has different varieties of roses who bloom every year in the spring season therefore making it the best time to be here.

4. The Terraced Garden

Sector 33 of Chandigarh has this beautiful place named The Terraced Garden where you can find a lot of shades of mother nature to relax yourself. Built in 1979, the garden is spread in about ten acres. The garden allows the visitors to catch a breath of fresh air for a minimal entry fee of fifty rupees only. Many environmentalist and nature lovers find themselves attracted to this garden and have their share of quality time in the serene atmosphere.

5. The Iskcon Temple

In a city bustling with life and business, one might feel the need of spiritualism and peace frequently. If you are finding it hard to adjust to the city and the work load is getting to your nerve,then you should must come to this place in Sector 36B of Chandigarh. The temple does not charge the devotees a single penny and the calm environment of the temple premises cuts that massive stress into minute pieces. The temple premises is a great place to enjoy picnics especially during the time of festivals like Holi and Janmashtami. when you go Iskon temple you may find that there are some other nearby best Places to Visit in chandigarh.

6. Government Museum and Art Gallery

The Government Museum and Art Gallery came into existence in the year 1947 when India gained independence and suffered the tragedy of partition. Situated in Sector 10C, this museum is always filled with people who have an inclination towards Indian culture and painting. Many Indians visit this place every year to experience the rich heritage of our country. People who love history and arts can be seen in the museum almost all the time. The museum charges just ten rupees per person for such an awesome experience.

7. The Sector 17 Market is also one of the best places to visit in chandigarh

Your family and friends will ask what did you bring for them from Chandigarh. Well, this market in Sector 17 just the place to get those questions answered. The market has numerous shops and complexes where you can have a great shopping experience. There are some really good wine shops as well in case you are thirsty in a different way.

These were a few best places to visit in Chandigarh while you are staying in the city. The city has huge buildings but it is compensated by the greenery and cleanliness. Also, the people are very helpful and friendly. It is something which feels better when experienced. Thus, to know what it feels like to be a part of Chandigarh, do visit Chandigarh whenever you can. You won’t regret it.