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HELLO WRITERS! We are serving a platform to write informational content regarding travel blogs and more. We give the right direction to your writing passion. So, don’t be worried, be more enthusiastic about your writing. Write articles that work best on Explorer Guru reflect practical travel tips people can apply while planning or embarking on their next trip.

We recommend you check the archives to see what’s been published in the last few months.

Links for Bloggers and Travelers

If you want a link back to an article on your blog that’s fine. To bloggers, we offer one link back (do-follow) per thousand words of content.

Links for Companies

We have some additional requirements for companies.

  • We offer one relevant link back (do-follow) per article counting a link in the author bio
  • We do not accept links for casinos and outline gambling, marijuana, essay writing services
  • We want to see only one link in your article, but feel free to include a list of other suggested links.


We do not currently charge per link nor per post. We do charge if you want us to write an article. If you don’t have a good writer you can pay us to find you a writer at approx. INR500+.


We need to make sure we have a legal right to use any photos. Don’t bother sending us photos you don’t own. We can find creative commons licensed or public domain photos if we need to. One of the reasons that we like to see photos, even bad photos, is that it increases our confidence that the author has been to the destination they are writing about. 

What we are looking for

We are looking for posts of 2000+ words. 

What we are looking for is good travel writing articles.

  1. The stories have to have a point
  2. They need to be written in such as fashion as not to need a lot of editing since we don’t have time for that
  3. Posts can either be destination pieces (a trip that others could also take) or essay but we strongly prefer destination-based content
  4. They need to be on a destination the writer has personally visited
  5. Stories should not have appeared elsewhere
  6. We are looking for articles that are helpful to readers that they will read for 2 minutes or more
  7. Team Explorer Guru will not accept duplicate content.  All posts must be newly created content specifically for Explorer Guru which is not (and will not be) posted elsewhere.


  1. You can submit a story via email to
  2. Please include a two-line bio for the author of the article.
  3. Make sure you have a gravatar at which is registered with the email of the author.