10 Amazing Places in Japan That You Must Visit

Have you ever wondered about visiting those amazing places in Japan? Travelers across the world have a lot of things in common, one of which is their affinity towards exploring new places and understanding what their culture is. To quench this thirst they pack their bags and leave for countries that have great cultural significance. Japan is one such country. Despite being small in size, this beast of a nation has faced a lot of hardships and yet it still stands strong. After the 1945 atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the whole world was looking at Japan with pitiful eyes. It was as if all hopes were lost. But this nation rebuilt itself and overcame the befallen tragedy.

Japan continued to strive and shine for many years. There were some hitches but it managed them like a boss. The country then moved forward with its development and became an example for hardworking individuals. The nation got its glory back and found itself hosting millions of tourists every year. Even after the 2011 Tsunami, Japan rose above and got back on track. It has rebuilt itself yet again and the following exotic locations of Japan are waiting for you!

1. Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower of Japan is located in Tokyo city. This tower stands tall among a lot of buildings and one can get a good view of this tower on a fine evening from the top floor room of their hotels. The tower is basically a communication tower which is open for visitors from Monday till Sunday. The tower draws a lot of inspiration from Eiffel Tower. The tower represents Japan’s comeback after it suffered some serious damage in the second world war. If you wish to get a good look at Tokyo city, you climb to the top of this tower and you will see how amazing the view from the top is.

2. Tokyo Disneyland

You must have heard of Disneyland and it is highly probable that the kids of your family have brought up the demand of visiting Disneyland. Well, if you are visiting Tokyo with your family or kids, then it has this huge theme parked titled the Tokyo Disneyland. This is one of the amazing places in Japan that must be visited by any person who has ever been to Tokyo. It is a fun recluse from all that hectic work and studies.

Mount Fuji - Places in Japan

3. Mount Fuji

Indian kids must remember this huge volcanic mountain from some episodes of Doraemon or Ninja Hattori. This snow-capped active volcanic mountain has great cultural value in Japan. The mountain is believed to be sacred and is one of the holy trinity of mountains in Japan. Tourists who have visited Mount Fuji find themselves attracted to its natural beauty. Mount Fuji was rightfully declared UNESCO’S World Heritage Site in 2013.

4. Inokashira Park

When the busy life of Japan gets on your nerve and you want to get a break, you must turn to this amazing park which has well-groomed gardens, trees, plants, a museum and a library, and everything that is needed to calm you down. The park attracts tourists as well as residents and is counted among the best places to visit in Japan. The entry fees of the park are just four hundred yens.

5. Philosopher’s Walk

Speaking of calm and serenity, the name of Philosopher’s Walk is bound to come up. This path along a canal whose banks have cherry trees allows the people to release their stress while going on a long walk with their loved ones. The Philosopher’s Walk is truly a work of art and one must visit this place at least once while they are in Japan to make their trip memorable.

Fukuoka Catsle- Places in Japan

6. Fukuoka Castle

The Fukuoka Castle in Japan is located in the Chuo Ward of the Fukuoka region. The castle is a beautiful remnant of the glorious past of the kings of Japan. Dating back to the seventeenth century, the castle was once believed to be spread in a huge area but today it is reduced only to a small portion. However, this does not affect the charm of the place. The castle offers a great view of the Naka river among other exciting things at a price of three hundred yens.

7. National Museum of Art

There is a deep relationship between art and history. When we speak of art, we also speak about how it has evolved over a period of time. The National Museum of Art in Japan celebrates the glorious creations from artists not just from Japan but all over the world. The museum is located in Kita Ward of Osaka Region and it charges four hundred and thirty yens per person.

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8. Nakanoshima Park

A celebrated picnic spot of Osaka Region of Japan, the Nakanoshima Park hosts the locals as well as the tourists who are on the lookout for some reliving moments. The park charges the visitors five hundred yen per person. This place is best renowned as one of the best places in Japan to visit.

9. National Museum of Art and Science

This museum is located in the Taito City of Japan. The museum holds great value among the locals and every day thousands of people visit the museum to understand how concerned Japan is about its history, science, and arts. The museum focuses majorly on science and has an actual dinosaur skeleton as well. The museum charges six hundred and twenty yen per person.

10. Ginza

You have visited every place in Japan and now you want to go get something for your family and friends. They asked you to bring them something nice and you have to oblige. Ginza market in Tokyo is a huge market where you can find everything for everyone. This market is located at South of Yaesu in the Tokyo city. You can buy anything you want from here.

Despite facing so many challenges, Japan still has its beauty intact and offers tourists some great places to visit in the world. Japan’s rich cultural and technical heritage is truly exemplary and the country teaches the world how to stay strong in adverse conditions and rise above them to become one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the world.