10 Amazing Places in Russia

places to visit in russia

Travelling is one of the most fun way to spend your life. If you are a travel hungry soul who is on a constant look out for places that will blow your mind in the world, then Russia should be on your list. The country is famous for many reasons and the two most important reasons are its exotic locations and fun people. Russia is a country in Europe continent and it has seen a lot of struggle and blood in the past.

Overcoming all that, today the country has managed to find itself in a much better condition as it host millions of tourists from all over the world. Russia has some of the most fun places to visit in Europe as it is the biggest country of the continent and has a lot of cultural and historical value. People from different parts of the world come to this amazing country to be at some of the greatest places to ever exist in the world. To make things easier for you, if you are planning to visit Russia anytime soon, we have prepared a list of ten amazing places to visit in Russia!

1. Lake Baikal

You must have read about this lake in your general knowledge books back in second or third standard. This beautiful mass of water is the largest freshwater lake in the world. It is located in the South East Siberian region of the country. It is famous for its scenic natural beauty which mesmerizes the tourists. People who have been here have one common thing to say about the place, “This work of mother nature is truly astounding. Wish we had a home around the lake!” Word of advice, however, is to not throw garbage and pollute the lake. It makes you look uneducated and stupid.

2. The Russian Tundra

Yet another example of how beautiful nature is. This part of the country accounts for one-tenth of its total area. The plants and trees are unevenly spread and one could spot many amazing animals over here as there are not many tall trees and therefore the vision does not get blocked. It is a flat ground like area but there is nothing that makes it less amazing than anything.

3. Sochi

The host of 2014 Winter Olympics grabbed a lot of attention during and after the end of this event. People from all over the globe rushed to this amazing city which has the perfect balance of nature and modern architecture. Sochi is one of the most popular cities in Russia and it also has its own national park named Sochi National Park which is located in the Caucasus Mountains.

4. Krestovsky Stadium

This stadium in Russia is one of the most well built sport complex to ever exist in the world. With a capacity to accommodate about seventy thousand spectators, it is one of the largest sports stadium as well. After hosting the FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the stadium found its much deserved limelight.

5. St. Basil’s Cathedral

St. Basil’s Cathedral is located at the Red Square in Moscow. This amazing piece of architecture is mesmerizing to the extent that you will forget to move forward from where you are standing. Such is the charm of this place is. A lot of people who have been there were impressed with how the well the monument is built and how serene the atmosphere around it is. It attracts a lot of architecture lovers and spirituality seekers. The charges for visiting this place vary between five hundred to one thousand ruble which roughly amounts to same in Indian currency.

6. Kazan City

The land where one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site Kazan Kremlin is located is also in Russia. This city is located in Republic of Tartarstan, Southwest Russia. With two rivers flowing nearby, the city truly has a natural charm. The aura of the place is even more better. It is popular for its calm environment and delicious cuisines. So if you are ever visiting Russia, please mark yourself present here.

7. The Limpopo Zoo

Ever wondered why India and Russia share such a cordial bond? One of the possible reason could be that both the countries have very rich natural resources. The Limpopo Zoo hosts thousands of visitors every day. From children to adults, the zoo is open on all days except Monday. A lot of fishes, mammals and animals can be seen in the zoo. There are canteens who offer food which is globally available. You might find an Indian restaurant as well. You got to visit it to know it.

8. Kenozersky National Park

While we are speaking about rich natural resources and incredible wildlife, we must not forget about this terrific national park of Russia. This national park has the Taiga forest, mountains, small lakes and wetlands adorning the landmass. There are small villages where people spend their lives peacefully going on about their normal routine while passing a smile towards the tourists. People are helpful and this is the place where you can find the missing peace that you have been looking for a long time.

9. Ruskeala

This beautiful town in Russia is famous for its serene atmosphere. People come here to dive into their inner selves and find what they have been looking for their entire life. That missing piece which completes them waits in Ruskeala, Russia. This place is too beautiful to not visit at least once in our lifetime.

10. The Red Square

The Red Square of Russia is “The” Read Square of Russia. It is everything what Russia is famous for. Many popular buildings, streets and cathedrals are situated around this. The beauty of The Red Square is on a different level during festivals. In the evening, The Red Square shines as bright as the sun embracing every person who is a part of that evening.

If anything, one should visit Russia for the crazy names of the places and how incredibly marvelous they are. Also, vodka if you are not a teetotaler.