10 Fascinating Monuments of Sagar District (M.P)

Sagar district is a tourism place; it is also famous for Gujarati namkeen, Chiranji Ki barfi. There are many places to visit in Sagar (you will love it) here are some fascinating monuments of Sagar District (Madhya Pradesh). Sagar is commonly known for Sauger means 100 forts. Sagar is also known as the Switzerland of Madhya Pradesh. Fascinating Monuments of Sagar is like a barman, tiki Toria, banjara lake, Surya temple and many more…

1. Bhim Kund of sagar District

A holy place from this era of Mahabharata, Bhim Kund is a natural water tank (Kund) also known as Nilkund. The kund lies in a cave. the water of the tank is so clean and transparent so clearly, we can see fish swimming in the water.

There is a beautiful story that links Bhimkund with Pandavas. Draupadi fainted of thirst, Bheem the strongest of the five brothers (Pandava’s) hit the ground with his Gada water out.
Bhimkund is also known as Blue Pool because Lord Vishnu emerged from the kund and because of his dark complexion, the colour of water turned into the blue that’s by it is also known as Nilkund.

2. Gadpehra

Gadpehra Temple is located in the north of Sagar (also known as old Sagar) Jhansi road. Gadpehra was the Capital of Dangi Kingdom still has some historical remains.
It is a must-visit place because of a low range of hills, it has a white-washed temple on the platform and a rough gateway.

3. Rangir

A beautiful temple of our goddess. All wishes come true here (strong belief).
The image of a goddess (Harsiddhi Devi) is held in great veneration. People believe that she changes herself thrice a day as a child at dawn, a young girl at mid-day and an old lady at night.

A Temple of Harsiddhi Devi stands on the adjoining Hills. Fairs are held twice a year on her honour in the month of Asvini Chaitra.It is situated 21 miles from saggar on the bank of the Dahar River.

4. Surya Temple

Sagar District

Surya is a Sanskrit word (means Sun). This temple is located in a place called Unnao. Surya is major deities in Hinduism, considered as an equivalent aspect and means of realizing Brahman in the Smarta Tradition.

5. Banjara Lake

The most famous place of Sagar. It is also known as Lakha banjara lake. It is a great place to turn into tranquillity. There are also boat rides for fun and for your enjoyment that you can undertake. Banjara lake is the heart of Sagar city.
This lake is built by one Lakha banjara. The calm and blue water of banjara lake is a serene water body transforming into a place of hustle-bustle in the evening.
The best time to visit Lakha banjara lake is before sunset.

6. Rahatgarh Waterfall

You will be found here with natural and scenic beauty. Rahatgarh waterfall is located in a small-town Rahatgarh 60 km west of Sagar Madhya Pradesh. Famous fort of rahatgarh stand close to the town.


Dr Hari Singh gaur university of Sagar Madhya Pradesh is the 18th national university of India in Sagar District founded and established by Dr Hari Singh Gour on 18th July 1946 municipality founded by a single person by his lifetime savings, perhaps this is the biggest and oldest university of Madhya Pradesh.The university is developing an enthusiastic atmosphere and a peaceful discipline across the state.
It is famous for its lab, education (way of teaching), its campus area covers around 1312.89 acres, in 100 acres surrounded by vast green forest in its campus. It has more than 35 university teaching department, the number keeps adding.

After a succession of great educationist, the university has brought great glory and greater satisfaction is that the university has brought the light of knowledge into millions of village area around Sagar District. more than 26 of its students and teachers have been vice-chancellor of different Indian universities within and outside the country.

8. Nauradehi

Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 1200 sq. Km is the second largest forest block in the area. Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary is a unique protected area, not only takes care of biodiversity conservation but also preserves the cultural diversity of this area.
Various verities of reptile are found including freshwater crocodile, turtles and snakes monitor lizards. Through its vast forested area caters the water available for all the purposes and in a significant way adds the value to its local economy.

In the category of herbivores, the chief faunal element includes Chital, Sambhar, Barking deer, Blackbuck, Chinkara and Nilgai.
Because of its separatory nature, it has been chosen as the Indian wolf (Canis lupus pallipes), the importance of this sanctuary lies in the number of dog family representation and its richness of species.

9. Eran

The Eran name is derived from the existing growth of ERAKA. By its natural situation, Eran and Malwa are the gates of the Bundelkhand region on both sides. The university of Sagar has yielded relics, excavation conducted by the department of archaeology. Eran formed the Northernmost limit of the chalcolithic culture in Madhya Pradesh at Maheswar and Tripuri.

10. Khimlasa

khimlasa has been founded by Mohammadian noble, the dargah of punch pirs is on one side of the fort, a bastion fort is on the centre of the town. The fort of khimlasa is enclosed within a fortified wall built of stone rubble more or less closed.