Mighty Rann Utsav of Gujrat – A deserving particular for your bucket list

Mighty Rann Utsav of Gujrat

Away from the chaos of city life, there lies joy and colours. Full of activities, splendour, picturesque views and delicious food, there is a place in Gujarat, the traditions of which waits for you to embellish your moments, thoughts and experiences with that one, splendid go- through.

What is Rann Utsav?

A festival full of colours, smiles, delicacies and mind-blowing activities is how Rann Utsav is defined. Cherished through the Great Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, this festival is a major tourist attraction. People from around the world come to witness the serene views of the white desert and get lost in the traditions and cultures of Gujarat. A 4 months long festival, this celebration is for the various handicrafts that are deeply rooted in culture and traditions. Adding on to the happiness, Rann Utsav is also known as a destination of various activities that do not only limit to the ground but extends its arms to the sky- exploring activities as well.

What is the duration?

The Kutch Rann Utsav is usually held in the months of November to February every year. This four- month’s long festival houses itself on what is known to be the world’s largest seasonal salt marshland and ensures that a lot of tourists are attracted to come to visit it. The best time to visit the Rann Utsav Kutch is undefined, although it is said that it is only worth visiting on the full moon days and those last for almost three months out of the four.

How to reach and what to expect from the Climate?

The Rann of Kutch Utsav can be reached by visiting Bhuj on the way. A township of Gujarat, Bhuj is known to be the hub of traditional handicrafts and uniquely decorated houses. The nearest point to the airport and the railway station, one can take a cab and en route via Bhuj to reach the Gujarat Rann Utsav. As of the climate, there can be felt a winter breeze but not enough to make you feel uncomfortable. During these four months, a full moon can be seen for almost all days, and that makes the slightly cold weather worth it.

How Make it more interesting

When you make your Rann Utsav booking, make sure that these few listed activities are covered in your itinerary. These activities become the most memorable experiences as their enjoyment is blended with the embellishment of Gujarati traditions, cultures and scenic landscapes.

  1. Shopping– It is highly suggested that you include shopping in all of your Rann Utsav Packages. Shopping in the Rann Utsav will have you add traditional handicrafts such as embroidery, block printing and terracotta to your house and your lifestyle. Not only do they look royal, but they are also found and made in premium quality which makes them a true value of money.
  2. ATV rides– Gujarat invites you to speed on White sands and enjoy the picturesque views of Rann of Kutch. ATV rides, which can either be included in your packages or be availed on a direct payment basis facilitate for you to experience thrill and serenity, both at the same time. Feel the white sands being thrown in the air as you speed your way ahead.
  3. Stargazing– During the months of this festival, the skies tend to e clear, and there is always a full moon that can be seen. The blissful location lets you stargaze the beautiful sky and spend your time in peace. This activity in the Rann of Kutch is a no miss and makes travelling to Gujarat totally worth it.

A little for General Knowledge

Being the largest district of India, Kutch is spread over an area of 45,674 km per square. Sitting in another part of the vast lap of Mother nature, Kutch gets submerged wholly in water in the monsoon season and gets absolutely dry in the other seasons. The dryness can be seen in the form of white sands and marshy salt flats. Located on the India- Pakistan border, not only is Kutch thrilling but it also facilitates a few glimpses of the connected Pakistan region as well.

A little for History

Kutch now belongs to Kutchi people, but centuries ago, Kutch was known to be a destination for people from Africa, the Middle East and the Swat valley in terms of land and sea. The handicrafts made over here are deeply rooted in the traditions of the north, west and east, giving the marketplace a variety of embroideries, colours and identities.

The perfect Accommodation

Rather a part to appreciate, Gujarat has everything to accommodate you well enough that you go back home with a happy smile. Being a part of the festival may be intriguing and would be making waiting for you difficult. As a solution, Tent city is the best for accommodation which is not only the nearest to Rann of Kutch but also redefines tent life and camping as a luxurious stay. Spread over in the heart of the Kutch district, the Tent city houses approximately 400 tents at really affordable prices. You can make your booking for the same through the White Rann Resort and avail the various, lavish- like facilities.

Conclusion All of this makes one thing clear, and that is, Rann Utsav is totally a no miss. Blend in joy at Gujarat and make memories like no other.